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Department of French Studies
Department of French Studies

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International Students

French Studies welcomes students from around the world. Students as far as China and Senegal and as close as the United States and Mexico come to study in our Department. With this participation, we aim at broadening our scope and offer courses that cover a variety of interdisciplinary topics that can inspire and develop one's vision.

Here are some of the topics discussed in our classes:

  • The significance of identity
  • The communication of prominent historical events through creative arts
  • The status of women in the past and in different cultures
  • The nature of culture
  • The representation of Franco-African societies through cinema and literature
  • Love in different historical and cultural contexts
  • Linguistics in the Middle Ages
  • The meaning of spirituality in different socio-historical and cultural contexts
  • Quebec Literature and theatre
  • How to use French in the Business world
  • Contemporary trends in French and Francophone Literatures

Useful Links for International Students:

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