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An Australian reader praises the Review

An Australian reader praises the Review

Letter to the Editor
Re: “It’s all about our planet”
Issue #2-2010, p. 18

Well here I am in the remote Outback of this curious and distinct country Australia, and I must congratulate you on a superb issue.

As a student who graduated in 1962, having started in Geology in 1957, then transferred to Philosophy, and graduated with that, and with an Honours degree, though there were two phenominally clever, and utterly intelligent women in my class, who helped me in marvelous and humane ways--women understanding matters far more clearly than the other men in the class did, or me--and I am forever grateful to them, for their patient generosity, attention and continuing patient help.

[Tree planting in Australia] Lionel Lawrence is working with local
Aboriginal children to plant trees in
the Australian Outback.

The Spring issue was stunning. Thank you so so much for each of the utterly impressive initiatives being taken there in Kingston, at Queen's, both within the University and around the city. What a marvel.

It is curious to be living here, in the Outback, and I am planting, with the locals, and many children of the Aboriginal families, many, many trees - seeded from native species. Their effect is impressive, although I don't have the scientific expertise your faculty reflects. Happy to get it!

Lionel H. Lawrence, Arts '62.
Port Headland, Western Australia

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