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E.g., 2021-11-27
E.g., 2021-11-27
[photo of flowers on Queen's campus]
[photo of campus building with flowers in the foreground]
[photo of Queen's football coach Steve Snyder]
[photo of Polina Novoseltseva, 2019 Chemistry medallist]
[photo of Matthias Hermann holding a glass of water]
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[photo of yellow  flowers on Queen's campus]
[photo of Rembrandt's painting "Head of an Old Man with Curly Hair"
[photo of stained-glass windows in Grant Hall]
[photo of Principal Woolf and Dean of Health Sciences Richard Reznick]
[photo of bookshelves in a library]
[photo of volunteers and Alumni Relations staff]
[photo of a close-up of the pathways formed in the work "Between the Sand"
[photo of people walking past the north wall of the lower level of Mitchell Hall]
[photo of student handling a vial of water]
[Photo of the four chaplains in the Office of Faith and Spiritual Life at Queen's]