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Campus and community news

Campus and community news

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Cannabis on campus

The legalization of cannabis in Canada as of Oct. 17, 2018, has prompted Queen’s to institute an array of policy changes and additions that apply to every member of the campus community:

Consumption of cannabis is subject to a number of restrictions:

  • Smoking or vaping of cannabis is prohibited on campus, unless approved for medical or research use, as per the university’s interim smoking of cannabis policy and existing Queen’s policies about smoking on campus.
  • Use of recreational cannabis in the workplace remains illegal.
  • The purchase or sale of edibles is not legal.

Growing/cultivation/distribution/sale of cannabis is trictly prohibited on campus or in university facilities, including residences.

Possession of cannabis on campus is subject to a number of restrictions:

  • Under-age possession (under 19 years old) of cannabis and its byproducts and accessories is prohibited.
  • Those 19 years old and over may possess quantities as outlined by Ontario’s government.
  • Possessed cannabis must be secured and stowed in a scent-free manner.
  • Possessing cannabis while in operation, or as a passenger, of a university vehicle is prohibited. 

Accommodations for medical cannabis will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with federal and provincial laws.

The use of cannabis or cannabis accessories on university property for teaching and/or research purposes, where the research meets all regulatory and ethics approval requirements and where all appropriate protections for environmental health and safety are in place, are approved by the Department of environmental Health and safety.

Honorary degrees

The Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees is now inviting nominations for the award of honorary degrees at the 2020 convocations.

Nomination forms are available at queensu.ca/secretariat/senate/honorary-degrees or upon request from 613-533-6095.

Nominations must reach the University Secretariat by Friday, March 1, 2019.

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