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Climate change not human induced

Climate change not human induced

William J. Spring, Sc’64, of Burlington, ON. argues that greenhouse gases are neither caused by humans, nor are they the biggest problem the world faces.

Letter to the Editor

Re: "The folly of denial"

Issue #3-2010, p. 10

First, let me state that I do NOT deny the fact that our climate is changing. In fact, our climate has always been in a state of flux. The ice age and the dinosaur age are two examples that support this. My problem is with John Smol’s statement that our current climate changes is “human induced”. If that is the case, what were the causes of the previous climate changes?

We have come through a year where the volcano in Iceland seriously disrupted world-wide air travel because of the ash in the atmosphere. Every year, parts of the globe are on fire from lightening-induced forest fires that spew all kinds of hydrocarbons into the air. My point in mentioning these is that surely nature itself is great contributor to climate change. Yet, Dr Smol made only passing mention of nature and curiously enough, neither do many others that lay the climate change completely at the feet of the human race. My question here is why does all the “extensive research” in this area fail to mention the significant contribution of nature?

As inhabitants of this world, we are to be “good stewards.” Air and water pollution caused by human aggression, greed, and ignorance indicate that we have fallen short. We must use every possible measure to minimize our footprint on earth as we work, live, and play. Having said all this, I will agree that humans can destroy the world, but not by greenhouse gases. It will be from a total disrespect for virtues such as ethical behavior, selflessness, and the golden rule. The escalating threats of atomic war and terrorist attacks that are now among us pose imminently more danger than climate change.

William J. Spring, Sc’64
Burlington, ON