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Course should offer balanced view

Course should offer balanced view

Re: “A book, a course, and the future of the American Republic”
ISSUE #3 – 2011, PP. 8-9

I am a 1958 graduate of Queen’s in Chemical Engineering and have lived in many areas of the U.S. since 1964. I agree with many parts of Geoff Smith’s article, but I do not share his feelings on all issues.

In no way do I fall in line with what some of the extreme conservative elements in the U.S. profess. However, I do believe that they have moved their stand to the center only because of much of the extreme elements within the liberal group, which have moved far to the left. We now have a Democratic Party in power that feels it can solve all the ills of the country by advocating, and adding to, bigger central government. They continue to flagrantly state they are spending the country out of its problems with no regard as to where the money will come from, nor how it will impact future generations.

They also advocate such strong government control that we are unable to harvest our own natural resources, which exceed those of many other nations. As a result, we must import from others to meet our needs.

Add to this the many senior citizens who are already beginning to feel the negative impact on their lives, financially and medically, generated by this Democratic Party healthcare bill, which is called “Obamacare”.

I do not see anywhere in Smith’s article anything addressing any of the issues on which the liberal (i.e. Democratic) element is wrong, but only where the Conservative (i.e. Republican) element is in error. I sincerely hope if he “does come to the lectern” once more that he will present both sides of the issue, not just the one he would prefer to support.

Jack Hardy, Sc'58
Spanish Fork, Utah

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