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From the editor: Change is good

From the editor: Change is good

[photo of Andrea Gunn]Our readership survey this summer gave us some really valuable feedback. We got positive reviews, both on our themed issues and on our research stories.

Of course, there were some wildly divergent views – some readers never read the "Keeping in touch" section, while for others, it’s the first thing they turn to. Many of you are diehard print magazine readers, and others are strictly online-only.

But there were three themes that kept coming up again and again, and we’re going to be acting on them.

First of all, a number of readers said that the magazine needs an update. We agree. So, we’re going to be pursuing a redesign this summer, one that gives the magazine a bit more polish.

A second recommendation was to have bolder content and stories that address big global issues and concerns that affect us all. This recommendation overlaps with both the first recommendation for updated design and the third, which was,

“Tell stories about everyday alumni like me.”

This request came through over and over again. Readers want to hear about – and from – other alumni, who may not be the most famous people in the world – or even in their field – but who have important stories to tell.

These are all wonderful ideas, and we're going to act on them. You'll see some changes in this issue, with more to come.

And to address some of those divergent survey responses: we’re absolutely committed to keeping the print version of the magazine (but offer online and app alternatives to those readers who prefer them). We hope the redesign and new content will satisfy all our readers, whether you only read “Keeping in touch” or read everything but.


Andrea Gunn

Looking for documents

In 1954, the Museum of Near-Eastern Archaeology was opened at Queen’s by theology professor A.D. Tushington. The museum, housed in the Old Arts Building (now Theological Hall), was opened during the 62nd annual conference of the Theological Alumni Association at Queen’s.
Elyse Richardson, a fourth-year student in Classics and Art History, is working on a research project on the museum. She is trying to track down both the conference program and the museum program written by Professor Tushington and distributed at the conference. The museum was only open from October 1954 to November 1955. Access to these documents could help Elyse confirm the provenance of certain archaeological items. If you can assist, email review@queensu.ca.
[cover illustration of The language issue of the Queen's Alumni Review]