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Editor's notebook: Encapsulating 175 years

Editor's notebook: Encapsulating 175 years

[photo of Andrea Gunn]
Photo by Bernard Clark

And I thought editing the physics issue was tough! It’s an entirely different kind of challenge to create an issue of the Review that tries to capture 175 years of Queen’s.

Over the past two years, people all over campus (and their departments and faculties) have been working towards the university’s 175th anniversary. They’ve planned events, created programs, and celebrated milestones. I am now so familiar with Queen’s history that I was (and am still) faced with a surfeit of story and photo ideas. One of our late-breaking stories will be held over until our next issue. I’ll be interviewing Bea Corbett, Arts’44,MA'95. As we go to press, Mrs. Corbett will be receiving a Bletchley Park commemorative badge in recognition of her work as a WREN during the Second World War.

I have been proud to be a part of the planning of Queen’s 175th anniversary activities, as a contributor to Queen’s Moments project. Please check out the story, photo, and video moments online: queensu.ca/175.

And for an even more thorough examination of our collective history, the long-awaited third volume of the Queen’s official history is here. Testing Tradition, by University Historian Duncan McDowall, Arts'72, MA'74, takes us through the highs and lows of the last 50 years, from J.A. Corry’s first days as principal to the growing campus in the early part of the 21st century.

We are already planning our first issue of 2017 which will be published at the end of February. This issue will focus on Aboriginal stories: people, initiatives, and spaces at Queen’s. Our cover story will report on the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force at Queen’s.

Recently, I felt the loss of two Queen’s women who, although I did not know them well or for very long, each made a lasting impression on me. Diana Grandfield, a member of Arts’43, was a longtime Review correspondent who both cheered me on and chided me, as needed. She died in September. Karen Nicole Smith, BA'08, died in October. In our last issue, Karen Nicole wrote about living with chronic illnesses and the importance of honesty and self-advocacy.

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I shall miss them both.

Andrea Gunn

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 4-2016]