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Ex libris: the August 2018 issue

Ex libris: the August 2018 issue

my mind is a tree
you are the match
and you burn me
right down to the
heart-grey ground.

[cover image of "Dust Blown Side of the Journey"]This short piece, “Musings,” is from Dust Blown Side of the Journey, the latest work from Eleonore Schönmaier, Artsci’85, NSc’86. A woman hides her love letters in beehives, a cherry tree in full blossom is transported horizontally on a bike, and three crows tap their beaks on a metal door. Reflecting a childhood in the northern Canadian boreal forest, combined with an adult life lived without borders, Ms. Schönmaier’s vivid and sensual language invites the reader to join in fully and enjoy the journey.






[cover image of "British Columbia by the Road"]Ben Bradley, PhD’12 (History), is the author of British Columbia by the Road: Car Culture and the Making of a Modern Landscape. It explores how residents of the Pacific province and visitors from afar learned about its natural and cultural landscapes during the years 1925 to 1970 by viewing them from their cars. The book explores how popular experiences of “wilderness” in parks were shaped by the expensive, disruptive highways that traversed them. it then examines how the motoring public’s understanding of B.C. history was molded by old buildings, ghost towns, and an array of monuments, markers, and museums set up along the roadside. The author says that although modern roads and automobiles seemed to promise freedom, they ultimately offered drivers constrained and curated views of the landscape, while ineluctably shaping the popular image of the entire province. since completing his PhD at Queen’s, the author has held post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto and University of Alberta.

Robert Du Broy, MBA’79, has translated, from French to English, Henri Lemay’s Training in Christian Healing, Level Six. (He also translated levels 1 to 3 of the series). You can download the full series at holyspirithealing.com. Mr. du Broy was the principal translator, from English into French, of Prier pour obtenir la guérison, Deuxième edition, published by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) office of the Vatican.

[cover image of "Taking Charge of Cancer"]David Palma, Artsci'00 (MD, Western;PhD [Radiation Oncology], VU University, Amsterdam), is the author of Taking Charge of Cancer: What You Need to Know to Get the Best Treatment. The book teaches patients how to obtain and understand their medical records, how to double-check their treatment recommendations against published guidelines, and how to make sure they are getting high-quality surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Dr. Palma is a radiation oncologist and cancer researcher focusing on the treatment of lung, head and neck, and metastatic cancers.





[cover image of "Unsealed"]Karina Legzdins, Artsci’10, writing as K.M. Langdon, is the author of Unsealed, a novel that sheds a new light on the age-old story of boy-meets-girl. Liam and Kara’s fairy-tale romance becomes tumultuous when Liam struggles with a long-buried secret. Unsealed is a story about love and loss, true friendship, the constant process of self-discovery and, ultimately, acceptance. Inspired by true events, it looks at the value of empathy and reminds readers that there are two sides to every story.



Robert Popple, Sc’63, has a new work of non-fiction: Cold War Warrior: Canadian MI-6 Agent Lawrence Fox. Lawrence Fox enlisted in the RCAF in 1952. Distinguished by his outstanding marksmanship from the beginning of his military career, he was selected immediately as a candidate for dangerous espionage work and formally recruited by MI-6 in 1956. the first of his five Cold War missions as an espionage courier behind the Iron Curtain was carried out in November 1956. He arrived in Budapest amid fierce action just after the Russians had ordered 1,000 tanks into the city. Highly dangerous missions into Czechoslovakia, Poland (twice), and Russia followed. his assignments included bringing important people, microfilm, and information out to the west.

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 3-2018]