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Ex libris: new books from faculty and alumni

Ex libris: new books from faculty and alumni

[cover of The Reputation Playbook]The Reputation Playbook: a winning formula to help CEOs protect corporate reputation in the digital economy
Jennifer Janson

While the fundamental principles of building a reputation haven’t changed for decades, the rise of social media has had an impact the way businesses do that. In The Reputation Playbook (Harriman House, 2014, 238 pages, $34.99) Jennifer Janson, Artsci'95, managing director of Six Degrees Ltd, sets out to help CEOs understand how they can protect their corporate reputations in the digital economy. The book, which was recently featured in The Globe and Mail, sees Ms. Janson examining how social media affects corporate reputation-building, while providing plenty of practical advice and real-life examples from companies that are doing it right – and getting it wrong.

Social Media and Internet Law: Forms and Precedents
Paul V. Lomic

Legal issues always follow innovation.”

Paul V. Lomic, Law’03, serves as both author and editor of this new book, the first to explore the topic of social media law in Canada. Social Media and Internet Law: Forms and Precedents (LexisNexis Canada, 2014, $90) covers a wide range of important and sometimes controversial issues relating to social media and the internet that legal professionals will increasingly need to know. “Legal issues always follow innovation,” says Paul, a Toronto-based litigator and trademark agent.

This Road Continues One Block North[cover of Christine Bruce book]
Christine Bruce

A bicycle can be a simple mode of transportation or a tool for political change. In 2011, Christine Bruce, Artsci’79, interviewed more than 100 Toronto cyclists, from couriers and activists, mechanics to politicians, about their experiences on two wheels. The result is This Road Continues One Block North (TLAC Studios, 2014, 485 pages, $28.99), a collection of essays and photos about the world of bikes in and around the country’s biggest city. Christine is also the host of ‘Totally Spoked’, a show about bikes and biking that can be heard on Kingston’s CFRC Radio. She also writes a blog about biking.


Canadian National Steam! A Locomotive History of the People’s Railway
Donald R. McQueen

Canadian National Steam! (Railfare-DC Books, 2013, 256 pages, $61.58) is Don McQueen’s second book about Canada’s railways. This illustrated volume explores the history of CN’s more than 4000 steam locomotives. It is the first volume in an eight volume set detailing the history and technological advances CN made to their steam locomotive fleet between 1919 and 1960. Don’s first book, Constructed in Kingston: A History of Canadian Locomotive Companies 1854 to 1968 was co-authored with William D. Thomson and published in 2000 by the Canadian Railroad Historical Association.

The Synchronicity War – Part 4
Dietmar Arthur Wehr 

Dietmar Arthur Wehr, Com'78, recently completed the fourth and final (e-book) novel in his military science fiction series, The Synchronicity War (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014, 330 pages, $13.99), which recounts a world where humankind is facing extinction at the hands of a xenophobic alien race. His protagonist is a space force officer whose unpredictable precognitive visions give humanity a fighting change. Contact Dietmar Arthur Wehr via his website.

T[photo of Alan Mallory]he family that conquered Everest…and the secrets to their success
Alan Mallory
Talk about a team-building exercise! Alan Mallory, Sc’07, is the author of The family that conquered Everest…and the secrets to their success. Alan, with his father, Dan, Artsci’74, and siblings Adam, Sc’08, and Laura climbed Mount Everest in 2009. The book, illustrated with photos from their adventures, delves into the two-month expedition, its challenges, and lasting lessons.

Joe Salsberg: A Life of Commitment
Gerald Tulchinsky
Professor Emeritus (History)

Gerald Tulchinksy received the 2014 Canadian Jewish Studies Award from the jury of the J.I. Segal Awards for his book, which follows the life and intellectual journey of Joseph Baruch Salsberg, a Polish-Jewish immigrant who became a major figure of the Ontario Left, a leading voice for human rights in the Ontario legislature, and an important journalist in the Jewish community.

Ten Thousand Birds: Ornithology since Darwin
Bob Montgomerie
Professor and Research Chair in Evolutionary Biology

Bob Montgomerie is the co-author of Ten Thousand Birds: Ornithology since Darwin. The result of four years of research, Dr. Montgomerie and collaborators Tim Birkhead and Jo Wimpenny (University of Sheffield) explore the people behind the science.

"The history of ornithology is overflowing with extraordinary individuals and intriguing stories. Ornithology is conducted by real people, with real human attributes including ambition, integrity, jealousy, obsession, and deception. In telling their stories we encounter the full gamut of human frailties from fraud to murder.”

Each chapter of the book is illustrated with a wildlife painting from such notable artists as Robert Bateman and Ralph Steadman. Read more about the book in the Queen's Gazette.

Early Photography in Kingston from the Daguerreotype to the Postcard

Modern Architecture in Kingston: a Survey of 20th-Century Buildings

Jennifer McKendry

Jennifer McKendry, MA’84, has two new books out. Early Photography in Kingston is an expanded version of her earlier book of the same name.  Modern Architecture in Kingston shows the evolution of architectural style reflected in Kingston buildings, from the classical stonework in Beaux-Arts architecture to the streamlined look of the “International Style” movement of the 1930s.

Detour: Cycling, coma and living with a brain injury
Nick Mercer

Until my brain injury, my eyes were great. Now they’re stubborn and they refuse to cooperate with each other."

Nick Mercer, Artsci’02, has written an e-book, Detour, about a life-changing experience. An avid cyclist who had completed a cross-Canada bike tour, in 2003, Nick was seriously injured while cycling with friends from his triathlon club. Nick writes about the bike accident that put him in a coma, and his life since, recovering from a severe brain injury. Get the book online.   Nick also writes a blog, Concussion Talk

A Complex Fate: William L. Shirer and the American Century
Ken Cuthbertson, Artsci’74, Law’83, has two new books out. His first is a work of fiction, a

new genre for Ken. The Memoirs of the Hon. Henry E. MacFutter Ring of Truth chronicles the exploits of a young rake who becomes the arch-nemesis of Sir John A. Macdonald.

Ken’s other new work is A Complex Fate: William L. Shirer and the American Century, the first biography of the American journalist and historian. Shirer, first a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, later became an on-air broadcaster, reporting from Nazi Germany for CBS Radio. His work, with Edward R. Murrow, revolutionized the broadcasting industry. The author of more than a dozen books, Shirer’s best known is his 1960 book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Written with the cooperation of Shirer’s family, Ken’s book also includes a foreword by CBS journalist Morley Safer.



March Poems 2003[watercolour by Nancy Wickwire Fraser] Nancy Wickwire Fraser

A thickly-knitted mat of
Rapid hammer strokes,
A polychrome of sound.

That’s from the poem “On listening to Schumann’s Toccata in C Major on the radio.”
You can read more in March Poems 2003, a new book of poems by Nancy Wickwire Fraser, MA’97. Each poem is accompanied by one of Nancy’s own watercolour paintings.





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