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Ex libris: November 2019

Ex libris: November 2019

[book cover of Manet and Modern Beauty]The name Manet evokes the provocative, heroically scaled pictures he painted in the 1860s for the Salon, but in later years, the artist produced quite a different body of work: stylish portraits of actresses and demimondaines, and impressionistic scenes of suburban gardens and Parisian cafés. Often dismissed as too pretty and superficial by critics, these later works reflect Manet’s elegant social world, propose a radical new alignment of modern art with fashionable femininity, and record the artist’s unapologetic embrace of beauty and visual pleasure in the face of death. Scott Allan, Artsci’97 (PhD, Princeton), is co-editor of Manet and Modern Beauty: The Artist’s Last Years. Featuring nearly 300 illustrations and nine essays by established and emerging Manet specialists, a technical analysis of the late Salon painting Jeanne (Spring), a selection of the artist’s correspondence, a chronology, and more, Manet and Modern Beauty brings a diverse range of approaches to bear on a little-studied area of this major artist’s oeuvre. Dr. Allan is associate curator of paintings at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

[book cover of Control of Permanent Magnet Synchonous Motors]Sadegh Vaez-Zadeh, MSc’93, PhD’97 (Electrical Engineering), is the author of Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (Oxford University Press). Permanent magnet synchronous motors stand at the forefront of electric motor development due to their energy-saving capabilities and performance potential. The motors, developed in response to mounting environmental crises and growing electricity prices, have enabled the emergence of motor drive applications like those found in electric and hybrid vehicles, fly-by-wire, and drones. This book provides a comprehensive examination of design, implementation, and performance evaluation of major motor control methods. Dr. Vaez-Zadeh is a professor and director of the Advanced Motion Systems Research Laboratory in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran. 

Ryan Hayward, Artsci’81, MSc’82 (Math and Stats), (PhD, McGill), is the author of Hex: the Full Story. The board game Hex is both simple and complex. Since its invention in the 1940s, it has been the object of study by mathematicians and game theorists. Dr. Hayward examines the history of the game as well as strategy for the contemporary player. Dr. Hayward is a professor of computing science at the University of Alberta.

[book cover for Women's HIstory of the Christian Church]Elizabeth Muir, Arts’56, has a new book out, Women’s History of the Christian Church: Two Thousand Years of Female Leadership (University of Toronto Press). It tells the story of women in the Christian Church from the beginning of Christianity until today, in both Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions, around the world. There are chapters on women in the early church; stories of Mary Magdalene, rival to St. Peter, and the Virgin Mary; Joan of Arc, and a possible Pope Joan; women in movements including the Cathars and the Lollards; and in numerous churches co-founded or founded by women. The emphasis is on the evidence of women’s leadership – and their fate. 

[book cover of Nonlinear Dynamics]Marc Roussel, Artsci’88 (PhD, U of T) is the author of Nonlinear Dynamics: A Hands-On Introductory Survey. This textbook, published by the Institute of Physics in its Concise Physics series, walks students through the theory and practice of nonlinear dynamics using commonly available software. A wide variety of dynamical systems are covered, including some not typically seen in an introductory survey, such as singularly perturbed systems, delay-differential equations, and reaction-diffusion systems. Numerical computation and linear stability analysis are used as unifying themes throughout the book. Despite the emphasis on computer calculations, theory is not neglected, and fundamental concepts from the field of nonlinear dynamics such as solution maps and invariant manifolds are presented. Dr. Roussel is a professor at the Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Lethbridge.

Ted Waring, Meds’69 and former professor and department head, Queen’s Psychiatry, has a new book: Why Men Depress Women. This book discusses how men in relationships can depress women, and how couples can evaluate their own level of intimacy and explore marital therapy. Dr. Waring is known academically for his work in marital intimacy therapy and the Waring Intimacy Questionnaire.


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