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Is financial sustainability key?

Is financial sustainability key?

Re: “A book, a course, and the future of the American Republic”
ISSUE #3 – 2011, PP. 8-9

Over the last decade I’ve developed an intense interest in “sustainability” and have come to see the political realm as the forum where this notion will ultimately live or die. It is no surprise then that – while I cringe at the state of Canadian governance – I have developed an interest in the even more cringe-worthy recent U.S. political landscape. Therefore, I read the article by Professor Emeritus Geoff Smith with interest.

He wrote about the many seeds of, let’s say, “alternative thought” that somehow have become fertilized and blossomed into forces of influence. I don’t recall him mentioning, however, the fertilizer.

In our brave new world of American billion-dollar campaigns for party candidacy, and, now, unlimited private and corporate spending on elections, some thought on the role of money in this sorry mess would be beneficial, I think.

Seeds of thought are varied and widespread; without money, however, how many would survive long enough to host afternoon tea?

Ken Panton, ArtSci'90
Calgary, AB

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