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“I’ll get you an invitation . . .”

“I’ll get you an invitation . . .”

Letter to the Editor -- One alumnus's memories of the late Eddie Dean

Re: “A tip of the tam to Eddie Deans”, Issue #2-2010, p. 6

My first encounter with Queen's in Kingston was meeting Eddie Deans in the Athletic Board of Control Office and telling him that I wished to try out for the Gaels football team. To which, he replied, "You need an invitation." Since Queen's had no record of a letter from my previous coach, I proceeded to apprise Eddie of my player qualifications, to which he promptly stated, "I'll get you an invitation."

My last encounter as an active player was Eddie greeting me with a handshake and his infectious smile at the end of our Vanier Cup win in 1968. I will never forget both moments.

Both encounters, just months apart, bookended his jokes, his "song" and his jovial demeanour. For me, Eddie was the “typification” of Queens. You'll be sorely missed, Eddie. Rest in peace.

Michael Nihmey, Ed’69
Ottawa, ON