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Inspired by Rembrandt (part two)

Inspired by Rembrandt (part two)

[portrait by Jy Chiperzak]
Jy Chiperzak

"Nate" by Jy Chiperzak

 “The Rembrandt series came about after seeing his Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo in the Alumni Review," writes Jy Chiperzak. "It was an effort to recreate, in some fashion, the impact of his use of light and the presence of his subject. Though Photoshop is my work tool, the processes I use hearken back to my years in the darkroom: the use of over- and underexposures, sandwiching negatives, burning and dodging, then printing on appropriate papers, hard or soft, for the final picture."

[artwork of a woman "Chantelle" by Jy Chiparzak]
"Chantelle" by Jy Chiperzak

“My portraits are an experiment in the peripheral. They capture not just the individual but the everyman/woman as embodied within their pose; attitude, emotion, mood...The images evoke a visceral contact with the subject and their moment of self-reflection. Often the image blur creates a detachment, allowing you to look deeper into their mood or feelings as expressed by their body language.”

[cover illustration of The language issue of the Queen's Alumni Review]