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The last gasp of ClimateGate fraud?

The last gasp of ClimateGate fraud?

David McDonald, Meds’70, of Friendswod TX, argues that climate change is a natural phenomenon and the "scientific" theories surrounding it are bunk.

Letter to the Editor
Re: "The folly of denial"
Issue #3-2010, p. 10

John Smol's article is probably the last gasp of the ClimateGate Fraud.

Since the publication of the emails hacked from East Anglia CRU and Phil Jones, more light has been shone on this, the most outrageous fraud of the 20th century.

Analysis of the 'computer models' by various 'deniers' has shown that no matter what the input of temperatures, the models would always show increased warming as the output. Now however, as the world has stopped warming in 1998 and been cooling for 12 years, the talk has become Climate Change.

So these 'scientists' can't have it both ways -- man-made global warming when the temperature rises and also man-made global cooling when it decreases?? All caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide.
This is utter nonsense.

The climate has always changed. 12,000 years ago, Canada was completely covered by glaciers several miles thick.

Was it the internal combustion engine or coal fired electrical plants that caused those glaciers to melt?

The temperatures were higher in the Middle Ages than now. That is why Greenland was called Greenland. When the temperatures cooled later on, the Viking settlements were abandoned.

Follow the money as always. Phil Jones at the CRU has received $22million in grants.

To subject our economies to the radical downsizing that would be required by the 'solution' proposed by these scientists is criminal.

It is shameful that Dr. Smol continues to espouse these debunked theories.

David McDonald, Meds’70.
Friendswod TX