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The last word: Let’s all build a safer Homecoming

The last word: Let’s all build a safer Homecoming

Since 1926€, Homecoming at Queen’s has been an opportunity for alumni to reconnect on campus, to engage with students, faculty, and friends, and to celebrate what it means to be a part of an incredible community.

That said, this great tradition is now being overshadowed by unsanctioned street parties, alcohol misuse, and dangerous behaviour. Thus, we, the members of the Queen’s University Alumni Association board, are putting the call out to all alumni to protect a great Queen’s tradition and help us restore Homecoming as a safe place for students,alumni, faculty, and staff partners to connect.

So what can you do if you’re one of the classes ending in “3” or “8” and planning to celebrate your reunion this year?

  • If you are returning to campus for Homecoming, plan your reunion events around official Queen’s events. Faculty, staff, volunteers, and student groups put great efforts into organizing these celebrations. Find the list of Homecoming events

  • Learn about the new University District Safety Initiative from the City of Kingston, Kingston Police, and Queen’s, which requires anyone at Homecoming issued a summons to provincial offences court to appear in person before a Justice of the Peace in Kingston to deal with the fine, regardless of where they live.

  • If you encounter the need for support services for student safety or for students in distress, please call Campus Security’s Emergency Report Centre (ERC) at 613-533-6111. The “Blue Light” emergency phones around campus will also connect you directly to the ERC.

  • Enjoy all of the “ReUnion Street Festival” events happening on Union Street throughout the Saturday night of Homecoming, including performances by a variety of musical acts.

  • And finally, inform and inspire fellow alumni to be active participants in a safer Homecoming. Share this information across your networks.

This year, my wife Andrea (Hay) Mosher, Artsci'08,and I plan to bring our son Joshua back to campus for our 10-year reunion. We are looking forward to contributing to the fantastic efforts to ensure Homecoming is a safe, inclusive, and respectful tradition.On Oct. 19 to 21, we hope that all alumni will stand together to protect the tradition of Homecoming and the opportunity for alumni to reunite.

[photo of Jeremy Mosher and family]

Cha gheill!

Jeremy Mosher, Artsci’08
Volunteer President
Queen’s University Alumni Association

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 3-2018]