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The lessons of the "No Means No" controversy

The lessons of the "No Means No" controversy

Letter to the Editor
Re: " 'No' now really does mean 'no' "
Issue #1-2010

Penelope Hutchison's article brought back very strong memories of a time at Queen's that seemed tumultuous. Twenty years later, the “No Means No” scandal is still probably my strongest memory of the larger learning experiences that occurred at Queen's.  

The University was strong enough to allow such discussion in its halls, and I thank Queen’s and the courageous women of ROFF for teaching me and many others the greatest lesson that we learned at Queen’s.

Penelope, you don't know me, but I am indebted to what you, and others such as Kam Rao, taught us about womens’ issues back in the day.

Surge Ghosh, Artsci '92,
Narbeth, PA

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