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Letters to the editor, February 2018

Letters to the editor, February 2018

Remembering Grant Sampson

Grant Sampson, Professor Emeritus (English Language and Literature), died Oct. 3.

[photo of Dr. Grant Sampson]
Dr. Grant Sampson   Photo: UHKF

While I never took any classes with Grant Sampson, he made a difference in my life. I was a Mech. Eng. student (Science ’72,“promoted” to Science ’73 due to extracurricular artistic activities!)who took an interest in music and other arts and ended up on the Performing Arts Committee chaired by Dr. Sampson. I remember meetings that were always a pleasure, with sophisticated snacks and classical music in the background, and where I got to participate in real decisions on which artists would be brought to campus. Grant also organized a couple of trips to the NAC in Ottawa to see Emil Gilels and Netherlands Dance Theatre, which helped open my perspectives.Though I did finish the engineering degree, by graduation I had become ready to pursue a career in modern dance, which took me to London,England, and New York City. And when I had created a body of choreographic work, I contacted my alma mater and there was Grant again! He brought my duet repertory Double Dancing, with partner Judith Garay, to perform at the Grand Theatre in the mid-’80s and, a few years later,brought The Anthony Morgan Dance Company for a show. I remember satisfying audiences and good connections with old friends and family in Canada.

Thank you, Grant. I am sure that, wherever you are, there is fine music and art.

Anthony Morgan, Sc’73
Professor of Dance (retired), Florida State University

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