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Liver donor found

Liver donor found

Chris MuellerPhoto: Alissa Clark

The story of Prof. Chris Mueller’s nine-year search for a liver transplant donor has a happy ending.

A suitable donor came forward after hearing of Mueller’s plight while listening to the morning show on Kingston radio station K-Rock 105.7.

Mueller’s wife, artist Sally Milne, Artsci’80, pleaded for a donor when she appeared as a guest on the show, which is co-hosted by Sarah Crosbie, Artsci’01, who had read about Mueller’s search in the Review (“Liver transplant donor urgently needed,” Issue #1-2009, p. 50). Milne explained that her husband, a world-renowned breast cancer researcher, was in dire need of a liver transplant or else doctors feared he would likely die within a year.

Happily, a 22-year-old Kingstonian named Sherrie Edmunds volunteered, and when it was found she was a compatible donor, she agreed to donate part of her liver.

The successful surgery, took place in Toronto in August. Mueller is now back home in Kingston, where he is recuperating.

Crosbie was recently presented with the Ontario Association of Broadcasters Community Service Award in recognition of her role in finding a suitable liver donor, and Edmunds is savouring the awareness she has saved the life of a man who is, in turn, doing so much for others through his groundbreaking cancer research.

For the full story of Chris Mueller’s remarkable search for a liver donor, please see the Winter 2010 issue of the Review.

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