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Memories of the game

Memories of the game

[photo of football player]

A number of interesting artefacts are displayed in the administrative offices of the Athletics & Recreation Centre. These include the puck from a 1910 Queen's Harvard hockey game and a basketball from 2010, celebrating 100 years of women's basketball at Queen's. Explore some of the sports memorabilia from Queen's past and present.

  • [photo of a football from the 2009 Vanier Cup game]
    The football from the Gaels' Vanier-Cup winning game in 2009. Photos by Bernard Clark.
  • [photo of a rugby ball from a 1968 game]
    This rugby ball was signed by the 1968 team for their coach, Gavin Reid.
  • [photo of a hockey puck from a 1915 game]
    This puck, inscribed with players' names, was used in a 1915 game between Queen's and Harvard.
  • [photo of a basketball and net]
    In 2010, Queen's Women's Basketball celebrated 100 years of play.
  • [photo of football from 1920s]
    This football commemorates the 1922 Grey Cup win of Queen's over Edmonton.
  • [photo of Independent House Trophy]
    The Independent House Trophy participation award given out by the Women's Intramural Committee (WIC).
  • [photo of Golf Club President's Cup of 1930]
    This Golf Club cup was presented in 1930 by Dr. L.J."Blimey" Austin, a well-known professor of Surgery at Queen's from the 1920s to 1940s.
  • [photo of inter-faculty hockey cup first presented in 1912]
    The Queen's inter-faculty hockey cup was first presented in 1912 by J.J. "Jock" Harty (after whom Jock Harty Arena was named.)
  • [photo of close-up of 1913 engraving on hockey cup.]
    In 1912-13, the inter-faculty hockey cup was won by men of the Faculty of Arts.
  • [photo of close-up of 1943 engraving on hockey cup.]
    In 1943-44, the last year this cup was given out, the Faculty of Medicine won the Queen's inter-faculty hockey championship.
  • [photo of 1905 Queen's inter-faculty rugby  championship cup]
    In 1905, Dr. W.H. Lavell, MD 1905, presented this ornate inter-faculty rugby championship cup.
  • [photo of Jim Tait award cup]
    Since 2010, this Jim Tait award trophy has been presented to the top-performing varsity team at Queen's.
  • [photo of the Marion Ross Trophy]
    The Marion Ross Trophy is awarded annually to an exceptional female varsity club athlete.

[cover of Queen's Alumni Review 2015 Issue 3]