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New graduate studies programs launched

New graduate studies programs launched

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Ten new graduate studies programs being launched at Queen's University this fall reflect the changing landscape of both the academic and professional worlds.

The new degree programs range from specialized study in cancer research to a master’s level program in the newly-named Gender Studies Department; several are multi-disciplinary, with courses offered by two or more departments.

“The fact that many of Queen’s new graduate programs also have an interdisciplinary focus speaks to prevailing interest in society to ask questions that lie at the intersection of singular disciplines,” says Janice Deakin, Artsci/PHE’80; Ed’81, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.

“There are many spin-off benefits to having an increased number of graduates on campus, including assisting in the recruitment and retention of new faculty members, improving the pool of potential teaching assistants, and enhancing opportunities for interaction between graduates and undergraduates.”

The new programs include:

  • Aboriginal and World Indigenous Educational Studies (MEd)
  • Biomedical Engineering (MASc, PhD)
  • Biostatistics (MBS); Cancer Research (MSc, PhD)
  • Cultural Studies (MA, PhD)
  • Economics and Law (Combined MA/JD)
  • Gender Studies (MA)
  • Global Development Studies (MA)
  • Law (PhD)
  • Public Health (MPH)

Learn more on the School of Graduate Studies site.


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