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Oh fudge. Maybe we were wrong!

Oh fudge. Maybe we were wrong!

Letter to the Editor
Re: "Swearing off the Review"
Issue #2, 2010

Yes, you were wrong not to “sanitize” Penelope Hutchison’s article. I agree wholeheartedly with A.J. Martin, Ed ’98 who is as offended as I am at the constant bombardment of expletives. The rationale the editor outlined in his comments is flawed:

1) although it’s a safe assumption that your readers would fill in the blanks when they saw the “f”, some of them might actually have filled it in with “fudge” or “flip” or some other non-expletive; and,

2) changing the “f” word would not have been censorship, it would have been editorial common sense, and not “a move to sanitize history”.

This is another yet example in the Review of poor editorial judgment. Please use some common sense on top of your “freedom of the press” fervour. Thank you.

John R. Wood, Sc’70
New Westminster, B.C.

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