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In practice as well as policy?

In practice as well as policy?

RE: “Alcohol-related deaths are preventable”
ISSUE #3-2011, P. 3

RE: “University acting on Coroner’s recommendations”
ISSUE #3-201, P. 13

In the same issue as Cathy Edwards’s letter and the campus news article about planned actions following a Coroner’s report on last academic year’s student deaths, devoting half a page to an article about the availability of alcohol on campus (please see the letter above. – Ed.) seems counter-productive -  though in line with past practices of the Review.

The fourth of the Coroner’s recommendations (“Develop and support educational programs directed at changing the culture of drinking on campus”) states a clear goal that needs to be pursued in practice as well as creed.

A.J. Erskine, MH'55, PHD'57
Sackville, NB

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