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E.g., 2020-08-09
E.g., 2020-08-09
[photo of students Leigh Janssen and Olivia Roud with Kingston resident Jim Stinson]
[photo of Mulugeta Chala and Molalign Adugna, doctoral students in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy.]
[photo of the new moving load simulator moving across a strip of concrete]
[photo of Alex Veinot in a chemistry lab.]
[photo of artist Tau Lewis working with a student]
{graphic for campus and community page]
[graphic for campus and community page]
[photo of Llynwen Osborne and James Bailey practising American Sign Language]
[Graphic for letters to the editor page]
[graphic for principal's column]
[photo of Donald Trump entering the G7 summit breakfast while Christine Lagarde (IMF) and Lt.-Gen. Christine Whitecross look on.
[photo of montage of author Benjamin Woo and the cover of his book "Getting a Life."]
[graphic for The last word column]
[graphic for Ex Libris column]
[Photo of Yolande Davidson at Queen's Park, Toronto]
[photo of Monica Stewart at Kingston's Springer Market Square]