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QUAA president's message: the student-alumni connection

QUAA president's message: the student-alumni connection

QUAA president's message]

While most of us are still enjoying the days of summer, many of our students are eager to begin another school year and return to our beautiful campus. As you know, Queen’s is known not only for the exceptional education it offers but also for its outstanding “out of the classroom” experiences and the many extracurricular activities it provides. One of the groups on campus is the Queen’s Student Alumni Association (QSAA), with whom the QUAA board of directors works quite closely. Some of you may know the group as STAR (Student Team on Alumni Relations), which started in 1986. The mission of the QSAA is simple: to prepare students for success by connecting them to their future lives as engaged Queen’s alumni. The QSAA is led by student volunteers from all faculties who make up the executive board, leadership team, and ambassadors. We are delighted to have international student Max Garcia, Comp’17, serve as this year’s QSAA resident. You will find Max and the QSAA ambassadors at many of our QUAA branch events, so next time you attend one, please make sure to connect with them.

The QSAA encourages students to maintain a strong, spirited connection to the Queen’s community y transitioning them into engaged alumni. They do this through several initiatives presented throughout the school year. The Alumni Speaker Events series offers students the opportunity to hear from and network with Queen’s alumni. “QYourFuture” helps fourth-year students prepare for life after graduation, with resumé writing and LinkedIn workshops as well as soft skills workshops in networking and business dining etiquette. And then there are the fantastic “GOLD” panels, where recent alumni – “Gaels of the Last Decade” – are brought back to discuss their experiences after graduation. If you are interested in helping with any of these programs, I encourage you to get in touch through Max at QSAA.President@queensu.ca.

The QSAA students are also important partners in educating our students and alumni about the impact of philanthropy and fostering the next generation of giving to Queen’s, through an initiative known as “Tricolour Giving.” The annual Tricolour Giving initiative starts at each Homecoming: both students and alumni are invited to vote for a part of campus that the QSAA will support financially that year. Recent recipients include the Ban Righ Centre and the AMS Food Bank. I am tremendously proud of the QSAA members, the work they are doing around giving, and the incredible leadership they are showing in this area. Along with the QUAA board, the QSAA team has achieved 100 per cent participation in giving for a number of years in a row.

If you are planning to attend Homecoming this year, I encourage you to stop by the QSAA spirit corner, speak to one of the ambassadors, and hear about the wonderful work they are doing and the initiatives they are supporting. You can even cast a vote for the Tricolour Giving initiative! And finally, to those reading the eview as our newest members of the QUAA – the class of 2017 – congratulations on your recent graduation and welcome to your alumni association! There are many benefits to being a member and many connections to be made through the QUAA – I invite you to join us through our social media channels or check us out at queensu.ca/alumni/.

Cha ghèill!

Sue Bates, Artsci’91
Volunteer President,
Queen’s University Alumni Association

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 3, 2017]