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A Ruff mistake

A Ruff mistake

Letter to the Editor
Re: "She sees her future clearly"
Issue #4-2009

I was delighted as always to spend some time with my Review, and to read the amazing story of Rosin Hartnett, and her canine friend, Mitsou. However, I suspect that Mitsou is a Labrador-Bernese Mountain dog cross, not a Labrador-Burmese Mountain dog cross, as was reported. Her coat seems better suited for the Alps, than it does the jungles of South East Asia.

Maureen A. Houston, Artsci’83, Law’87
Belleville, ON

Maureen knows her dogs. Mitsou is, in fact, a Labrador-Bernese Mountain dog cross. We stand corrected and apologize to Mitsou.—Ed.

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