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Smol article had good and bad points

Smol article had good and bad points

Reader Jim Hodder, Artsci’77, of Kettleby, ON, says there were good and bad points in Prof. John Smol's article in Issue #3-2010 of the Alumni Review

Letter to the Editor

Re: The folly of climate change denial," Issue #3-2010, p. 10

Prof. John Smol makes some good points about the climate of denial on the subject of climate change. I hope that MP John Baird, Artsci’92, former federal Minister of the Environment (!), read the article, too. Also, I am glad that Dr. Munir Sheikh, formerly the Chief Statistician of Canada, has been appointed as an adjunct professor at Queen’s. Does his appointment indicate what the University thinks of the current government?

Jim Hodder, Artsci’77
Kettleby, ON

The appointment of faculty at the University is an apolitical process governed by a candidate’s credentials and the availability of a suitable position.--Ed.

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