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Snap Judgements Photo Contest: And the winners are ...

Snap Judgements Photo Contest: And the winners are ...

The judges have deliberated. The decisions have been made, and the winning entries in our Snap Judgments ’09 photography contest have been chosen.

Grand prize winner

[photo of Prague bridge]

Prague morning by Dr. Gerald Hodge, Hornby Island, BC

[photo of Gerald Hodge]Dr. Gerald Hodge

Gerald, a Professor Emeritus in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, has been an avid amateur photographer through most of his 78 years.

He explains, “Nearly 60 years before I photographed the Charles Bridge in Prague, I was clambering around the old paddle wheelers on the Whitehorse waterfront taking ‘snapshots’ with my mother’s Kodak box Brownie. Within a couple of years a Voightländer Bessa became my companion and I began shooting Anscochrome colour film in Stanley Park, on Grouse Mountain, and along the piers of Vancouver’s waterfront.

Then on to 35mm: first with a Contina, then, for almost three decades, with a Pentax Spotmatic, both of which saw duty from the Thousand Islands to Denmark, from Berkeley to Denman Island in BC. By that time, I’d come and gone from Queen’s and Kingston, having arrived in 1973 as Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning, retiring to the West Coast in 1986.

Then, in 1999 when I thought, perhaps smugly, I and my cameras had done well for 55 years, a whole new chapter in photography was opened for me by a superb image maker, Sharron Milstein. In short order I acquired a Nikon 801S, a liking for Velvia 50 slide film, a decent tripod, and a congenial traveling companion who is now my wife.

She taught me to see anew, whether it was the dunes in Death Valley, the streets of Prague, or the flowers in our own garden. Another chapter will soon open for both of us as we enter the world of digital photography.”

Gerald took his Grand Prize-winning photo at about six am one morning using the above-mentioned Nikon 801S, using Velvia 50 slide film and a 35-70 mm lens.

Please see the Winter 2010 issue of the Review for Gerald’s photo essay on his “Wonders of the Mediterranean” cruise.

Category: Places

First-place winner

[photo of three dorrs in a field]

Three portals by Shaun George, PT’86, New Minas, NS

“Each summer, these three doors are placed out in a farmer’s field near Grand Pre, in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley,” Shaun explains, “and they appear just as they are portrayed.”

Shaun captured this image with a Nikon D80, f8.0 @ 1/60 second, ISO 160, 17-55 mm lens.

Honourable mentions

  • Dr. John Geddes, Department of Family Medicine, Queen’s University
  • Jill Rooney, Artsci’99, Ed’01, Kingston, ON
  • Adrian Brett, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen’s University

Category: People

First-place winner

[photo of three children]

The devotee, the skeptic, and the troublemaker by Daniel Offin, PhD’84, Kingston, ON

Daniel reports, “Same genes, different personalities.” He shot this image with a Nikon D60 camera.

Honourable mentions

  • Karen Daigle, Artsci/PHE’07, Toronto, ON
  • Janice Frame, Department of Oncology, Queen’s University
  • Eric Webb, Sc’02, Ed’03, Kingston, ON

Category: Flora and Fauna

[photo of flowers]

Taipei by Kyle Anstey, Artsci’00, Mississauga, ON

This eye-catching photo was taken in Taipei city centre on a March 2009 visit. “Strips of fabric behind the flowers provided a nice background,” he recalls.

Kyle used a Nikon D90 camera, f1.4, 50 mm lens to shoot this photo.

Honourable mentions

  • Peter Au, Sc’89, Richmond Hill, ON
  • Prof. Philip Jessop, Chemistry Department, Queen’s University
  • Kelly Reid, Artsci’08, Pointe-Claire, QC

Category: Digital Illustration

[self portrait and flower]

Illusion by Margaret Maliszewska, PhD’09, Kingston, ON

Margaret created this eerily chilling photo by using Photoshop software program to combine two images – a self portrait and a close-up of a flower – that she photographed using her Olympus SP 550 UZ camera.

Honourable Mentions

  • Prof. Edward Zamble, Emeritus Professor (Psychology), Toronto, ON
  • Mary Danielle Carswell, Artsci’04, Toronto, ON
  • Diane Eastham, Arsci’74, Ed’75, Waterloo, ON

Category: People’s Choice Award

The winner in this category was chosen by an overwhelming majority of those who went online to view all of the entries in our Snap Judgments’09 photo contest.

[photo of penguin underwater]

Diving Penguin by Shelley Gronski, ConEd’97, Oakville, ON

Shelley explains, “By adjusting the contrast and colour levels and then cropping this photograph, it appears as though I am in the water beside the penguin as it dives down into the Antarctic Ocean.

The picture was actually taken from the deck of a cruise ship, top down through the surface of the water. This surprises everyone who looks at this image.”

Shelley used a Canon EOS 2OD, f5.6 @ 1/500th of a second, ISO 200, lens 70-300 mm. She received for her winning entry a Nikon D40 SLR digital camera courtesy of Camera Kingston foto source.

Honourable mentions

  • Dan Wainman, Cancer Biology and Genetics, Queen’s University
  • Jess Joss, Artsci’97, Markham, ON
  • Ted Goldring, Artsci’97, Kingston, ON

To view all of the Honourable Mentions in our Snap Judgments’09 Photo Contest, please visit the Alumni Review Abck Issues page and download the Review Plus pdf for 2009 issue 4. 

Our Snap Judgments’09 Judges

Berhard ClarkBerhard Clark

Bernard Clark
Award-winning Kingston freelance photographer Bernard Clark, a regular contributor to the Review, has shot scores of magazine covers for publications in Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, and Mexico.

He is also known for his images of Canadian comedians and musicians, including Juno Award winners The Tragically Hip; for his gallery exhibitions of tattoo art; and, for the striking photos he shot for the coffee-table book Tattoo Road Trip: Two Weeks in Samoa (Schiffer Books, 2002). www.bernardclark.com



Greg BlackGreg Black, Queen’s
University Photographer

Greg Black, Queen’s University Photographer

Greg Black has been with Queen’s University since 2000. During this time he became the manager of Creative Services and acted as lead graphic designer and art director for Marketing and Communications.

His art direction and photography has been a part of key communications and brand publications as well as the University’s web site. In the summer of 2008, Greg became the official University Photographer and a dedicated resource for the University.

Cathy Perkins, Arts'58Cathy Perkins, Arts'58

Cathy Perkins, Arts’58

Cathy Perkins, Editor Emerita of the Alumni Review, is a veteran magazine “desk man” whose Toronto career involved selecting photos for publication in the Star Weekly, Liberty, Canadian Homes and the pioneer issues of the Financial Post Magazine.

She later had the same editorial responsibility for the Queen’s Gazette, Alumni Review, Springing from the Rock (2002 history of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston), and the RC diocesan newspaper Journey. Her own photos have been widely published, too – particularly events, landscapes, florals, and cats.

Though retired from Queen’s since 1995, Cathy is still a freelance editor and book production consultant, based in Johnstown, ON.

Don Sleeth, Arts'73Don Sleeth, Arts'73

Don Sleeth, Arts’73

Kingston resident Don Sleeth, Arts’73, is co-owner of Camera Kingston foto source, the city’s largest locally owned photography store.

An avid camera enthusiast for more than 35 years, Don has served as an organizer and judge for numerous photography contests. www.camerakingston.com

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