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Snap Judgements Photo Contest: Honorable mentions

Snap Judgements Photo Contest: Honorable mentions

Our four-person panel of judges has sifted through the hundreds of entries we received for our 2009 Snap Judgments photo contest. Our Grand Prize winner and the winning entries in each of our four categories appear in the Fall print edition of the Alumni Review. Here we present the honorable mentions in each category.


  • Eric Webb, Sc’02, Ed’03, Kingston, ON
    “Drops of Joy”
    “My six-year-old niece, Amber, at the water pad of the Kingston Family Fun World.”
  • Karen Daigle, Artsci/PHE’07, Toronto, ON
    “Luc and Nicole”
    “My five-year-old cousins as ring bearer and flower girl”
  • Janice Frame, Department of Oncology, Queen’s University
    “Looking through a sheet of ice picked up from the shore at Lemoine’s Point, Lake Ontario”


  • UniversityAdrian Brett, School of Regional Planning, Queen’s University
    “Wolfe Island ferry at dawn”
    Adrian was up at sunrise one November morning to catch this photo of the Wolfe Island ferry as it cut its way through the Lake Ontario mist.
  • Jill Rooney, Artsci’99, Ed’01, Kingston, ON
    “Beautiful Bruges”
    Jill captured this evocative image while on bike ride along the river from Bruges to Damme.
  • Dr. John Geddes, Department of Family Medicine, Queen’s University
    “Tree in Macdonald Park”
    John captured this image of a solitary tree along the shoreline of Macdonald Park in Kingston, ON, looking east toward Wolfe Island


  • Kelly Reid, Artsci’08, Point-Claire, QC
    “Arrival of Spring”
    Red tulips mark the arrival of spring’s abundant wonders in Canada’s capital region.
  • Peter Au, Sc’89, Richmond Hill, ON
    “Gibraltar Monkeys”
    Up on the Gibraltar Rock, the monkeys are enjoying the view, too.
  • Prof. Philip Jessop, Chemistry Department, Queen’s University
    “Heron at Sunset”
    A great blue heron in the Cataraqui River at McLean’s Trails Park, Kingston, ON


  • Mary Danielle Carswell, Artsci’04, Toronto, ON
    “Carter House”
    “The image of the house was originally a digital photo, which I turned into a digital sketch. The surrounding leaves were scanned and turned into a digital image.”
  • Diane Eastham, Arsci’74, Ed’75, Waterloo, ON
    “Magic water”
    “The photo you see is what I saw through the lens of my camera and had received only very minor retouching in PhotoShop.”
  • Prof. Edward Zamble, Emeritus Professor (Psychology), Toronto, ON
    “Aspiration (Sic Itur ad Astra)”
    The ladders were on the side of a building in downtown Toronto. “But somehow, I saw them as climbing into the sky. It took several attempts, but eventually I hit upon the idea of a field of stars in the background.” Prof. Zamble adds, “By the way, loosely translated the Latin means ‘This way to the stars.’”


  • Ted Goldring, Artsci’97, Kingston, ON
    “First breath”
    “This photo shows the birth of my son Henry, by C-section on June 18, 2008. I was able to get this shot off just before the crying began.”
    The bright operating room light gave the shot its intriguing lighting.
  • Jess Joss, Artsci’97, Greenwoos, ON
    “Family portrait”
    "While walking along the beach in Venice, the sun started to set. As it glistened off the rippling water, we decided to take a family picture, but the beach was bare. Noticing our exaggerated shadows, we positioned ourselves as three distinct silhouettes and created a mysterious family portrait."
  • Dan Wainman, Cancer Biology and Genetics, Queen’s University
    "I took this shot as the snail paused for a rest on its way to the next blade of grass," says Dan, who was the People’s Choice winner in our 2008 Snap Judgments Photo Contest.

A special thank you ...

A special thank you to everyone who entered our Snap Judgments’09 photo contest, to our judges, and to our sponsors: Alumni Travel, Gohagan & Company, and Camera Kingston foto source.

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