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A solar-powered Queen’s?

A solar-powered Queen’s?

A group of students have joined together with green-minded faculty researchers in hopes of spurring chnages that will make Queen's the country's first "solar-powered campus."

Letter to the Editor

Queen’s University has an opportunity to become Canada’s first “solar-powered campus.” By retrofitting a significant number of its buildings with solar panels, Queen’s can profit financially, reaffirm its commitment to the environment, and build its reputation as a national leader.

Concerned students have formed the Queen’s Solar Coalition, an organization which now has the support of all levels of student government. The coalition includes members from the Alma Mater Society, the Society of Graduate and Professional Students, the Main Campus Residents’ Council, the Rector, Queen’s Applied Sustainability Group, and Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change.

The Solar Coalition believes that equipping Queen’s buildings with solar panels is one of the most meaningful actions for the environment that our school could take, both politically and practically. Queen’s can profit financially and academically while further improving our reputation as a national leader in institutional sustainability.

By selling electricity through Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff program, Queen’s would be guaranteed a fixed price for its energy over the next 20 years, at a rate designed to create an annual payback of between 6 and 10 per cent.

Currently, the University is preparing to issue a Request for Proposals that will ask for formal bids from solar developers. In order to maximize the number of buildings that receive solar panels, it is important that the administration be aware of support from the Queen’s community. If you are interested in learning more or finding out how alumni can become involved, please email solarcoalition@gmail.com, or visit www.qsolar.org. Together, we can shape a new legacy for Queen’s as a national leader in sustainability.

Ashlee Woolfson, Artsci’13
On behalf of the Solar Coalition

Student members of the Solar Coalition include: Jody Rempel, Aartsci’11; Ivana Zelenika, MES’11; Josh Taylor, Artsci11; Thevishka Kanishkan, Artsci’11; Britta Allen, Com’11, Artsci’12; Rob Andrews, MSc’11; (front row, l-r) Yan Yu, Artsci’11; Lauren Long, Artsci’13; Cassandra Cummings, Artsci’11; Ashlee Woolfson, Artsci’13; and Ray Jacildo, Artsci’13. -- Ed.


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