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Story updates: War and peace

Story updates: War and peace

[photo of Donald Trump entering the G7 summit breakfast while Christine Lagarde (IMF) and Lt.-Gen. Christine Whitecross look on.
The Canadian Press/Justin Tang

U.S. President Donald Trump takes his seat after arriving late for the G7 and Gender Equality Advisory Council Breakfast, as IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, left, and Canadian Lt.-Gen. Christine Whitecross look on.

Our war and peace issue (May 2018) profiled Christine Whitecross (Sc'84), Commandant of the NATO Defense College in Rome. In January, Lt.-Gen. Whitecross was named to Prime Minister Trudeau’s Gender Equality Advisory Council, a high-profile group dedicated to ensuring that “gender equality and women’s empowerment are integrated across all themes, activities, and initiatives of Canada’s G7 Presidency." The council met as part of the G7 summit in Charlevoix, Que., in June.

The council’s work at the G7 caught the attention of the world press, due in part to the late arrival of one of its guests.

At the summit, the Gender Equality Advisory Council released its recommendations for Canada’s G7 presidency, addressing

  • societies in which girls and women are equally represented in decision-making bodies, and are free from harassment and violence;
  • economies that are prosperous, innovative, inclusive, and more equitable;
  • a healthy and sustainable planet; and
  • a world that is peaceful, just, and secure.

You can read the council’s full recommendations from a link in our story on Lt.-Gen. Whitecross, “Collaborating for a more peaceful world.” 

New book on North American defence

The war and peace issue also explored just some of the research done at the Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP).  Christian Leuprecht, Joel Sokolsky, and Thomas Hughes are the editors of the book North American Strategic Defense in the 21st Century: Security and Sovereignty in an Uncertain World. The book examines the security challenges facing North America; highlights U.S., Canadian, and Mexican approaches to regional defence; and considers possible futures of North American regional defence organizations, particularly NORAD.  The book also includes timely insights from expert academics across the region. 

[cover graphic of "North American Strategic Defense in the 21st Century"

Dr. Leuprecht, PhD’03 (Political Studies), is the Class of 1965 Professor in Leadership at Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and a fellow of the Queen’s Institute of Intergovernmental Relations and the CIDP. Dr. Sokolsky is a professor of political science at RMC and a senior fellow at CIDP. Mr. Hughes is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s. 

Explore more war and peace stories in the Review online and in the Queen’s Alumni Review magazine app. 

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 3-2018]