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Teaching by the numbers

Teaching by the numbers

Facts and figures on teaching at Queen's.

Number of Faculty at Queen's in...

1841: 2

There were just two professors on staff when Queen’s College opened its doors to the first fifteen students in March 1841. The Principal was the Rev. Thomas Liddell, who taught Hebrew, church history, theology and logic, senior mathematics, and natural philosophy. Meanwhile, the Rev. Peter C. Campbell gave classes in Latin and Greek, mathematics, and French.

1920: 110

By 1920, the number of faculty at Queen’s had increased to 110. According to the Principal’s Report for that year, the University faced an uphill battle recruiting and retaining teachers since the maximum salary Queen’s could pay was the minimum at McGill and the U of T. A full professor at Queen's earned $3,000-$3,500 annually. It speaks volumes about the University's financial situation that a railway conductor at that time earned about $3,000 per year.

1967-68: 500

In Canada’s Centennial year, Queen’s employed about 500 faculty members.

2009-10: 2,567

According to the 2009-2010 Annual Report, Queen’s employed a total of 2,567 faculty (that includes full-time faculty, clinical medicine, and other teachers and researchers, most of whom are part-time adjuncts). 

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