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Third floor: Beaty Water Research Centre

Third floor: Beaty Water Research Centre

The Beaty Water Research Centre is an interdisciplinary research and education centre. Its members welcome collaborations with researchers, educators, policy-makers, industry, and the community on activities related to water access, resources, quality, and use as well as non-traditional and emerging disciplines.

[photo of student handling a vial of water]

Here, Gisell Pazmino, a MASc student (Civil Engineering) checks her vials of algae growing in centrate waste water. Ms. Pazmino’s research is on a microalgae-based wastewater treatment for nutrient recovery and biomass production.

Learn more about the Beaty Water Research Centre in our 2018 "Water" issue.

[cover image for water issue of Queen's Alumni Review]

What else is on the third floor of Mitchell Hall?

The Ingenuity Labs research institute is an interdisciplinary initiative focused on creating intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life. (We’ll have a feature on Ingenuity Labs in an upcoming issue.)

[cover image of the Queen's Alumni Review issue 2, 2019, showing the 'Together' message in Mitchell Hall]