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Treasures and tales

Treasures and tales

The Queen’s University Archives and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre are celebrated Queen’s 175th anniversary with a special exhibition, “Treasures and Tales: Queen’s Early Collections,” featuring significant works of art and archival objects from the university’s early collections.

The “Treasures and Tales” exhibition was on view in the Historical Feature Gallery of the Agnes until Dec. 4. You can learn more about the history of featured objects in the exhibition archived online: see agnes.queensu.ca.

Support for this exhibition was provided by the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund, Queen’s University.

Silver Conovcation Pin

[photo of 1884  silver pin]
A silver pin designed by Sir Sandford Fleming. (Photo by Bernard Clark)

Designed by Sir Sandford Fleming, this silver pin was made for Annie Fowler, one of the first female graduates of Queen’s University. Miss Fowler and her classmate Eliza FitzGerald were the first two women allowed to enrol at Queen’s in full-degree courses. They each received a silver pin from Principal George Grant at the 1884 convocation ceremony.

In 1884, three more women – Alice McGillivray, Elizabeth Smith, and Elizabeth Beatty – graduated from the Women’s Medical College at Queen’s Learn more about the “First Five” and other
moments from Queen’s history: queensu.ca/175.

Keeping a record

[Domesday book cover]

The Domesday Book of Queen's University was established by Queen's trustees in 1887, at the suggestion of Chancellor Sandford Fleming. The tome contained an annual history of Queen's University, list of donors, and graduates for the period from 1839–1924. The book was kept up to date by Professor James Williamson and his successors, librarian Lois Saunders and Professor Malcolm MacGillivray, until 1924, by which time the innovation of annual Principal’s Reports (begun in 1916) rendered it unnecessary.

[photo of page from the Domesday Book of Queen's University]
A page from the Domesday Book of Queen's University, listing students in 1848–1849

A treasured memento

The Grey Cup football of 1922.

This football was signed by the players and staff of the Queen’s senior rugby team in 1922. That year, nearly 5,000 fans packed into the brand-new George Richardson Memorial Stadium to watch Queen’s top the Edmonton Elks 13–1, giving Queen's the first of its three consecutive Grey Cups. The football was conserved by archivists at the Queen's University Archives, where it is now kept. 13–1, giving Queen’s the first of its three consecutive Grey Cups.

[rugby team poster]

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 4-2016]