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Uninformed theories?

Uninformed theories?

W.G. Whitney, Sc’70, of St. Albert, AB, argues that the climate change "debate" is no debate at all. The theories of alarmists already have been disproved.

Letter to the Editor
Re: "The folly of denial"
Issue #3-2010, p. 10

John Smol has clarified what drives his thinking so now we can see what his problem is. He seems to be suffering from the very common "Biologists as Saviours of Mother Earth" complex that Suzuki is also afflicted with.

Smol may be superb in biology, but seems to be unaware of the problems with his pet theory in the areas of math, chemistry, and physics, the "hard" sciences that he didn't have to master to get his biology degree. Not to mention Logic 101 and Economics 101. And he doesn't have to lecture Queen's alumni about the scientific method, many of them know it very well. This is really ironic, since the IPCC has lately been criticized by a review panel for sloppy science, possible conflict of interest and making firm forecasts without "sufficient evidence." Computer models don't "prove" that a possible link is any more than correlation.

There never was a fair and open debate on the unproven hypothesis that man caused warming of the earth over the last century. The Climategate scandal showed for anyone that didn't already know it, that access to the key scientific journals are controlled by people who think like Smoll, whose minds are already made up. So, scientists who objected to the theory had to use ad hoc groups and the internet to publish their work (ie.: Friends of Science, ICSC, Oregon Petition).

He is disingenuous to imply that there are no eminent scientists among his opponents. There is a long list, including Drs. Tim Patterson, Tim Ball, Frederick Seitz, Patrick Michaels, and Fred Singer and it is growing larger every day as scientists come out of the closet to admit doubts they have held for years.

To make matters worse for the Kyotocrats, "average" world temperatures have been stalled for a long time now and we have experienced below normal temperatures and poor summers in many areas of Canada. There are no sunspots on the sun and this historically can explain colder-than-normal weather. When you also consider that cattle and termites produce almost as much greenhouse effect as man with methane, one has to be seriously isolated and lacking in perspective to believe that this constitutes "the most important issue facing society today".

Queen's has a long history of producing some of the smartest and best scientists in Canada. Being the best and protecting this fine reputation includes being open to valid criticism. Stop whining and smearing your opponents as "deniers", John Smol, and face the music. You may be on the losing side of the debate, along with Al Gore, and just don't know it yet.

W.G. Whitney, Sc’70
St. Albert, AB