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This year’s incoming class at Queen’s

This year’s incoming class at Queen’s

Frosh week funGreg Black, University Photographer

Some interesting facts about this year's incoming class at Queen’s:

  • 59 per cent are female, and 41 per cent are male. Two-thirds are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
  • 93 per cent are Canadian, with three-quarters from Ontario, but only 4.5 per cent are Kingstonians.
  • Within the seven per cent of students from other countries, two per cent are from the United States. The remaining per cent per cent are from 57 other nations including Jordan, Australia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Norway, South Africa, Argentina, and Ecuador.
  • The high school graduating average of incoming students whose final marks were in a percentage format is 87.8 per cent.
  • Almost 27,000 students applied for 3,500 spots in first-year studies in 2009-2010.


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