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Learn how Queen's is planning for our safe return to campus.

Senate in brief

Highlights from the Dec. 2 meeting of Senate

Business arising from the minutes

Senate approved the referral of a motion regarding the establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Queen's University Policy and Procedure for Safe Disclosure Reporting and Investigation to the January 2014 meeting. The referral allows a consultation process to occur and accommodates the December date change of Senate to ensure that all senators have an opportunity to express their views and to vote.

Principal's report

In addition to his written report, Principal Daniel Woolf provided the following updates:

  • The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has established a new policy around differentiation at Ontario universities. This differentiation framework will be the primary policy driver for transformation of the post-secondary sector in the province. The principal noted that the university is likely to see more top-down direction from the provincial government than has been seen in recent years, and that the university will work to mesh its strategic plans with government information requests. Queen's has been very diligent regarding building its own planning framework, and is in a good position to accommodate this government planning exercise.
  • The federal government's recently released Global Markets Action Plan included some implications for universities, in that providing an excellent education is a way to attract the best and brightest students from around the world. The government is planning to double the number of international students coming to Canada, and send more Canadian students abroad.
  • The Council of Ontario Universities recently released a one-page summary of employment statistics for university graduates. Those statistics suggest that university graduates have higher employment rates and earn higher incomes than graduates of other types of postsecondary programs.
  • The principal noted that Dec. 10 is staff appreciation day and that a number of activities and events are planned to recognize the extraordinary efforts and achievements of Queen's staff.

Provost's report

In addition to his written report, Provost Alan Harrison noted that the ministry has put a moratorium on program approvals while the strategic mandate agreement process is underway. The provost also noted that he will be updating the university’s originally submitted proposed mandate statement in light of the recently released Differentiation Policy Framework. The deadline for submission of the revised versions is Dec. 20, 2013.

Committee motions and reports

Senate approved [from the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD)]:

Senate received for information the Senate Committee on Academic Procedure's annual report to Senate and report on academic integrity cases reviewed.

Senate also received for information standing reports from the following committees: Senate Committee on Academic Development, Senate Committee on Academic Procedures, Senate Cyclical Program Review Committee, Senate Residence Committee, and Queen's University Planning Committee.

Reports of faculties and schools

The Faculty of Education submitted for information details regarding a consideration of temporary suspension of admissions (via external pathways) to the concurrent education program.

Senate received for information reports from the following bodies: Graduate School Executive Committee, Health Sciences Faculty Board Executive, Arts and Science Faculty Board, and Law Faculty Board.

Upon submitting the faculty report, Arts and Science Dean Susan Mumm advised Senate that she’s agreed to suspend admissions to three theology programs. Queen’s News Centre story

Senate received for information the School of Graduate Studies Orientation Report.

Motions other than from standing committees

A motion to require the reports of the Senate Standing Committees be circulated to and approved by the pertinent committee prior to being submitted to the Senate Office for inclusion in the Senate agenda was amended and referred to the Governance and Nominating Committee.


Senate received for information the Enrolment Report, Research Report, and Safe Disclosure Annual Report 2012/2013.

Provost Harrison delivered a presentation on the development of the university's strategic framework.

Matters referred to standing committees

The Residences: Student Conduct Report 2012/2013 was referred to the Senate Committee on Non-Academic Discipline (SONAD).

The Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD) terms of reference was referred to the Senate Governance and Nominating Committee.


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