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    Senate in brief

    Highlights from the Feb. 25 meeting of Senate 

    Principal’s report

    In addition to his written report, Principal Daniel Woolf provided the following updates:

    • Federal 2014 budget. The principal noted that the budget contained some very good news for the post-secondary sector. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to universities, and particularly to university research. The new Canada First Research Excellence Fund, which will invest $1.5 billion into “research excellence” over the next 10 years, will have significant implications for Queen’s competitiveness on the world stage. The news is encouraging and is also an indication of what is possible when universities work together with a common objective – as it was proposed and championed by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and its members, including Queen’s. The budget also includes additional funding on an ongoing basis for Canada’s research granting councils – $37 million a year for advanced research, and $9 million to account for the indirect costs associated with doing research. As a research-intensive university, this news is important for Queen’s, the principal said.
    • International. In January, the federal government announced the launch of a new International Education Strategy designed to maintain and enhance Canada’s global position in higher education. That strategy includes bringing more international researchers and students to Canada, and deepening the links between Canada and institutions in other parts of the world. Governor General David Johnston has been in India developing some of those relationships. Here at Queen’s international portfolio has been under the microscope. Two external reviewers were on campus recently looking at ways Queen’s can better support internationalization. The reviewers met with a number of stakeholders on campus, and held an open session to solicit input from staff, students and faculty.
    • Ellis Hall renovations. The new renovated classrooms have been in use since the beginning of this term and have been well received by faculty and students. A profile of the classrooms by University Communications has been submitted to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to provide them with insight into how Queen’ is putting the money from the Productivity and Innovation Fund into action.
    • Royal Society of Canada. Royal Society representatives were on campus recently to celebrate Queen’s most recent inductees and the many Queen’s faculty members who are current members. The principal said it was a pleasure to hear the Royal Society president express his appreciation for Queen’s and the university’s support of the Royal Society on both an institutional and individual level. In 2016, Queen’s will host the Royal Society’s annual general meeting, which will coincide nicely with Queen’s 175th anniversary celebrations that same year.

    Provost’s report

    The provost provided a written report to Senate.

    Senate received for information a presentation on the Teaching and Learning Action Plan from Jill Scott, Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), and Brian Frank, Professor and Director of Program Development in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The plan consists of recommendations to the provost regarding possible initiatives to support innovation and foster the development of best practices in teaching and learning. Those initiatives resulting from accepted recommendations within the plan which fall under the jurisdiction of the Senate or other academic governance structures will proceed through those structures for approvals in the normal course.

    Committee motions and reports

    Senate approved:

    Senate received for information reports from SCAD, the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures (SCAP), the Senate Cyclical Program Review Committee (SCPRC), SGNC, the Senate Library Committee, the Senate Residence Committee, and the Queen’s University Planning Committee (QUPC).

    Reports of faculties and schools

    Senate received for information the Education Faculty Board Report to Senate, an Update Regarding Reducing Concurrent Education Intake, the Graduate School Executive Committee Report to Senate, and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Report to Senate.

    Motions other than from standing committees

    Senate received:

    • A notice of motion to amend the Rules of Procedure of the Senate and insert the following Subsection 34(6):

    6. The provisions of Section 23 subsections 1 through 6 shall apply to each Standing and Special Committee of the Senate, and to each of their respective subcommittees, applying the necessary changes in terminology to meet the context.

    • A notice of motion to amend the Rules of Procedure regarding agenda:

    That Section 22, subsection 4 of the Rules of Procedure of the Senate be amended to delete the phrase “at least 48 hours before the meeting” and to insert in its place the phrase “not less than seven days prior to the day of the meeting.”

    Question period

    The provost responded to a question regarding the cost of the Campus Master Plan report, stating that the plan cost approximately $400,000-$430,000.

    The provost provided a written response to a question on a Faculty Renewal Plan.

    The provost provided a written response to a question regarding Productivity and Innovation Fund proposals.

    The principal responded to a question regarding the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Ad Hoc Investigative Report into the Michael Mason incident, stating that the question involves a personnel matter and because of privacy issues, cannot be discussed in a public forum.


    Senate received for information:

    Matters referred to standing committees

    Senate referred: