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Senate in brief

Highlights from the May 27 meeting of Senate

Principal’s report

In addition to his written report, Principal Daniel Woolf provided the following updates:

  • He met with local candidates running in the provincial election to discuss a number of issues, including pension solvency and a legislative framework for transfers to jointly sponsored pension plans.
  • Universities are waiting for the provincial framework for the new federal Building Canada Fund, which requires provinces to identify priority projects.
  • He travelled to Ottawa for a meeting of U15 executive heads, including a meeting with the prime minister. The federal Canada First Research Excellence Fund is still in development and the U15 is lobbying for a peer review process similar to the tri-councils. Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research), will brief Senate on the program in the fall when more details are available.
  • The Initiative Campaign has exceeded its target for the fiscal year, raising a total of $71.3 million, a record for the university.

Provost’s report

In addition to his written report, Provost Alan Harrison provided the following update:

  • As of May 16, 2014, acceptances were up 27 per cent and the university is expected to meet its target for the first-year intake.
  • The budget communication went out from the Provost Advisory Committee on Budget.
  • Kathy O’Brien has been appointed associate-vice principal (international).

Deputy Provost Laeeque Daneshmend noted that the report of the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Mental Health is in its penultimate draft. The report will identify action items for the next couple of years, as well as mental health-related metrics, including case load and services levels.

Committee motions and reports

Senate approved:

Reports from standing committees

Senate received the following reports:

Reports from faculties and schools

Senate received a report from the Graduate Studies Executive Council.


Senate approved the proposed Electronic Information Security Policy Framework.

Question period

The registrar provided a written response to questions regarding the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer.

The provost provided a written response to questions regarding the Faculty Renewal Program.


Senate received:

University Council’s report to Senate
The Board of Trustees’ report to Senate
• The research report
• The list of new senators for 2014

Matters referred to standing committees

SCAD requested that the Senate Committee on Academic Procedures recommend to Senate a policy on the content of the student transcript, including program designations.

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