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    April 20, 2017

    Queen's In The News Thursday, April 20, 2017

    Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
    Bala, Nicholas
    • Law
    CKNW-Vancouver: Bountiful polygamy trial begins
    Professor Bala discussed the start of the first polygamy trial in the 127-year history of the statute.
    Frank, Christopher globalnews.ca: More seniors are likely to use pot when it’s legal, but the frail should be cautious, MD says
    Dr. Frank says that, while we could expect the rate of marijuana use amongst seniors to increase once it is legal, there are potential risks such as cognitive impairment, decreased mobility and medication interactions that could pose issues.
    Hyun Shin, Hwashin
    • Arts and Science
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    Korea Joongang Daily: NEC says it will look into vote rigging
    Dr. Hyun's analysis of the 2012 Korean election, which suggested potential discrepancies in the vote tally, was referenced in an article on the opening of an investigation into vote rigging.
    Lahey, Kathleen
    • Law
    Toronto Star: Guaranteed income won’t help women: Opinion
    In an op-ed, Professor Lahey argues that a basic guaranteed income could serve to further increase the gender pay gap, as existing transfer systems are already heavily weighted against enabling women to take paid work.
    Pardy, Bruce
    • Law
    National Post, Financial Post: I’ve got a great, new fee model for investment advisers. I bet none of them takes it
    In an op-ed, Professor Pardy proposes a pay-for-performance method of compensation in the financial services industry.
    Robinson, Dylan
    • Arts and Science
    • Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
    New York Times: Canada Turns 150, but a Silent Chorus Isn’t Celebrating
    Professor Robinson's efforts to begin a dialogue on appropriate use of Indigenous songs in performances is highlighted in a discussion surrounding the opera "Louis Riel" and the larger discussion of Canada's relationship with the Indigenous population.

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