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    January 17, 2022

    Queen's In The News Monday, January 17, 2022

    Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
    Drummond, Don
    • School of Policy Studies
    Globe and Mail: Liberals spend billions more on outsourced contracts since taking power
    Prof. Drummond says it is concerning that both federal government contract and bureaucracy costs have risen sharply. He says it might be related to the increase in federal government activities flowing from COVID. But the situation calls for careful analysis that more and more inputs are not being thrown into producing the same service.
    Evans, Gerald
    • School of Medicine
    • Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
    • Medicine
    • Division of Infectious Diseases
    • Pathology and Molecular Medicine
    Globe and Mail: Toronto school staff work through weekend to prepare COVID-19 rapid test kits
    CTV National Network News: Omicron infecting youth
    globalnews.ca: Playing by the rules: COVID-19 vaccine exemptions in sport and the Djokovic saga
    Dr. Evans comments on many facets of the pandemic. He says seeking out an N95 respirator over a regular medical-grade mask might not provide real bang for your buck if it’s not been properly fit-tested. He also says Toronto school staff receiving two rapid antigen test kits ahead of returning to classrooms—may be too few. Dr. Evans also weighs in on the Novac Djokovik situation, and says the risks of contracting COVID-19 lie primarily with being actively infected while participating with fellow players in a match or tournament.
    Christian Leuprecht
    • Arts and Science
    • Political Studies
    • Smith School of Business
    • School of Policy Studies
    Global News: Cda's role in West's diplomacy w. China and Russia
    Dr. Leuprecht talks about Canada's relationship with China and Russia.
    Jane Philpott
    • Health Sciences
    CBC Radio: CBC Radio's The House: Nursing the system back to health
    Dean Philpott discusses how to relieve pressure on Canada’s health care system.
    Schuklenk, Udo
    • Arts and Science
    • Philosophy
    CFRC Radio Queen's: ‘No Vax, Pay Tax’: Dr. Udo Schuklenk on Quebec’s Plans to tax the unvaccinated
    Dr. Schuklenk talks about the Quebec government's plan to place a health tax on the unvaccinated in that province.

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