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January 20, 2022

Queen's In The News Thursday, January 20, 2022

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Arnott, Shelley
  • Arts and Science
  • Biology
Kingston Whig-Standard: Life-saving road salt an environmental concern: Queen's professor
Dr. Arnott talks about how much of the salt we apply ends up in waterways and causes harm to aquatic life and threatens freshwater ecosystems.
Jane Boulden
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
Toronto Star: ‘We do fear an armed conflict in Ukraine,’ Justin Trudeau says
Dr. Boulden says that Canada is limited in what we can do since we are deeply allied with the Ukraine, so being an impartial mediator is also off the table.
Brock, Kathy
  • Arts and Science
  • School of Policy Studies
  • Political Studies
The Conversation: Everyone should be concerned if the federal government bypasses the Canada Gazette
Dr. Brock co-writes a piece about how in 2021, the Labour Minister signalled that his department would skip publication in the Canada Gazette of any new regulations on enforcing the federal government’s vaccine mandate for the core public service. Bypassing publication in the Gazette undercuts good governance principles of transparency, accountability and public trust.
Knutsen, Erik
  • Law
Toronto Star: Man addicted to painkillers targets his doctor in rare lawsuit
Prof. Knutsen said it’s possible for medical malpractice suits to bring about system-wide change.
Christian Leuprecht
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
  • Smith School of Business
  • School of Policy Studies
CFRB 1010: Prepping for Olympics; intelligence as democratic statecraft
Dr. Leuprecht talks about Russia and Putin, and his book Intelligence as Democratic Statecraft (cue 11:30).
Spitzmuller, Matthias
  • Smith School of Business
Globe and Mail: The great divide over ‘hot-desking’ pits cost savings for companies against alienation for employees
Dr. Spitzmuller talks how some companies say they are using hoteling or hot-desking as a way to develop a more flexible culture but the truth of the matter was that it was to cut down real estate cost.
Struzik, Ed
  • School of Policy Studies
Geographical: The Geographical Podcast: The medicinal plants of peatlands and bogs; and Edward Struzik, author of Swamplands
Prof. Struzik talks about the importance of peat, and why we need these carbon-rich, biodiverse landscapes more than ever.

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