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January 5, 2021

Queen's In The News Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Cotton, Christopher
  • Arts and Science
  • Economics
Toronto Star: To avoid COVID’s third wave, embrace longer lockdowns, gradual relaxing of restrictions, group urges provinces
Dr. Cotton says the economic cost of periodic lockdowns is greater than the cost of a longer initial lockdown followed by gradual relaxing of restrictions.
Jane Philpott
  • Health Sciences
CBC-TV: Provincial Ministers Resign over Holiday Travel abroad
Dean Jane Philpott talks about the vaccine roll out in Ontario.
Hanna, Timothy
  • Health Sciences
  • Cancer Research Institute
  • School of Medicine
  • Oncology
City-TV (Toronto): Are they trading one life for another?' Cancer patients frustrated by COVID surgery delays
Dr. Timothy Hanna says when it comes to cancer treatment, timing is everything.
Katherine McKittrick
  • Arts and Science
  • Gender Studies
Hamilton Spectator: Lessons for 2021: What COVID-19 taught us about BIPOC displacement
Dr. McKittrick says different black experiences can be observed in practical activities, specifically resistance to persistent anti-black violence and negotiating uneven power geometries of white supremacy.
Morrison, Robert
  • Arts and Science
  • English Language and Literature
Bustle: Yes, Bridgerton's Non-Consensual Sex Scene Is Controversial — But It's Meant To Be
Dr. Morrison says the idea that characters in the Netflix show "Bridgerton" are lacking basic reproductive and sexual knowledge is understandable for the time period known as the Regency Years.
Ryan Riordan
  • Smith School of Business
Globe and Mail: When going green, diversify your bond bets
Dr. Riordan says it’s unclear how liquid green assets are, and whether they are going to provide small investors with more security in the case of a liquidation.
Schuklenk, Udo
  • Arts and Science
  • Philosophy
City-TV (Toronto): Politicans ignore non-essential travel orders
Dr. Schuklenk says the politicians who ignored non-essential travel advisories were being hypocrites.

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