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July 25, 2019

Queen's In The News Thursday, July 25, 2019

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Airton, Lee
  • Education
Globe and Mail: Harnessing the power of your emotions to improve your work day instead of hampering it
Dr. Airton says do for your transgender co-worker what you would do for yourself.
Amarnath Amarasingam
  • Arts and Science
  • School of Religion
Globe and Mail: Ottawa says it opposes death penalty as other foreign fighters face capital punishment in Iraq,
Dr. Amarasingam says there are 33 Canadians trapped in Kurdish-run camps and prisons in northeastern Syria.
Smol, John
  • Arts and Science
  • Biology
  • School of Environmental Studies
Earth and Space Science News: The toxic legacy of DDT lives on in remote Canadian lakes
Dr. Smol says the amount of DDTs in these lakes is staggering. It’s amazing how much there is, even for those of us old enough to remember the planes flying over and dusting everything in sight.

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