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    July 5, 2022

    Queen's In The News Tuesday, July 5, 2022

    Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
    Cross, Barry
    • Smith School of Business
    CBC Online: Plastics ban could spur Canadian companies to tackle harder-to-replace packaging, say industry watchers
    Prof. Cross talks about how the plastics ban could be a catalyst for business innovation but that places in the European Union and parts of Asia are outpacing Canada on legislation that targets plastic waste.
    Evans, Gerald
    • School of Medicine
    • Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
    • Medicine
    • Division of Infectious Diseases
    • Pathology and Molecular Medicine
    Toronto Star: Ontario’s COVID signs point to the start of a summer wave
    Dr. Evans predicts a COVID-19 wave will occur in the late fall or early winter, and another will follow in the late winter or early spring.
    Johnson, Anne
    • Engineering and Applied Science
    • The Robert M. Buchan Mining
    iPolitics: New poll shows higher public support for Canadian mining industry
    Prof. Johnson talks about how the higher public support for the mining industry may stem from more people understanding the role mining will play in the fight against climate change.
    Kerr, Lisa
    • Law
    Globe and Mail: Justice advocate BobbyLee Worm helped end a form of solitary confinement
    Prof. Kerr talks about BobbyLee Worm, who experienced solitary confinement and became an advocate to end a form of solitary confinement in federal prisons.
    Knutsen, Erik
    • Law
    Global News: Family of Regis Korchinski Paquet sues officers, watchdog 2 years after her death
    Prof. Knutsen weighs in on why the family of Regis Korchinski-Paquet has launched a lawsuit.
    Christian Leuprecht
    • Arts and Science
    • Political Studies
    • Smith School of Business
    • School of Policy Studies
    CBC Radio: Daybreak South with Chris Walker - June 30 (cue 59:30)
    CBC TV: CBC News
    Roy Green Syndicated Radio Show: Prof Christian Leuprecht. Terrorist attack verdict in Paris. Was there during 2015 attack.
    Global News: Global National: July 2 (cue 9:00)
    Dr. Leuprecht talks about the NATO summit, updates on what is happening in Ukraine, and his experience being in France when the 2015 terrorist attack took place.
    Mabee, Warren
    • Arts and Science
    • Geography and Planning
    • School of Policy Studies
    CBC Online: Natural gas rates up roughly 20 per cent in parts of Ontario
    Dr. Mabee said that while international demand for natural gas has been rising over the last few years, the war in Ukraine only exacerbated the situation.
    Pukall, Caroline
    • Arts and Science
    • Psychology
    National Post: 1 in 4 people experience pain during sex, but research excludes the needs of the LGBTQ+ community
    The Conversation: 1 in 4 people experience pain during sex, but research excludes the needs of the LGBTQ+ community
    Dr. Pukall writes about chronic genitopelvic pain that affects up to 27 per cent of people and how most of the studies on this pain only involve heterosexual and cisgender people.
    Sari van Anders
    • Arts and Science
    • Gender Studies
    • Psychology
    • Health Sciences
    • Centre for Neuroscience Studies
    The Kit (Toronto Star): Low Sex Drive? It’s Not You, It’s the “Sex Recession”
    Dr. Van Anders talks about how the sex recession may also be attributed to the ways heteronormativity pushes women and their male partners into a set of roles and behaviours that undermine the women’s desire.

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