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March 22, 2021

Queen's In The News Monday, March 22, 2021

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Evans, Gerald
  • School of Medicine
  • Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Division of Infectious Diseases
  • Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Toronto Star: How COVID-19 vaccines are impacting the timing of everything from mammograms to chemotherapy
Yahoo! Canada: Epidemiologist warns of crowding risk as patrons pack Ottawa's patios
Dr. Evans says now is not the time to visit restaurants, and advises people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer to wait until the end of their planned cycle to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination.
Christian Leuprecht
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
  • Smith School of Business
  • School of Policy Studies
Globe and Mail: Canadian linked to North Korea was part of MacEwan University cyberheist
CHML 900 (Hamilton radio): Ontario is ahead of vaccination schedule, Michael Spavor faces trial & Do you feel 'politically homeless'?
Dr. Leuprecht talks about the anger felt among many women in the military, over the growing sense that senior leadership is waiting for the problem of sexual misconduct to simply pass. He also says the North Korean use of cybercrime to raise funds for the regime is “par for the course.”
Ali Na
  • Arts and Science
  • Cultural Studies
  • Film and Media
CBC Radio (Kingston): Ontario Morning - Friday March 19, 2021 - Part 3
Dr. Na talks about her research and the prevalence anti-Asian racism in Canada.
Pardy, Bruce
  • Law
real agriculture: Farm trespass regulation being challenged on constitutional grounds
Prof. Pardy says our constitutional right to freedom of expression protects the right to report and share information, and that a law that prohibited reporting of farm conditions could run counter to the Charter.
von Hlatky, Stefanie
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
  • Smith School of Business
  • School of Policy Studies
  • Centre for International and Defence Policy
New York Times: A Top Woman in Canada’s Military Issues a Stinging Rebuke of Its Culture
Dr. von Hlatky says the Canadian military culture is going to be looked at more closely as opposed to just a slew of initiatives.
Walker, David
  • School of Policy Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
Kingston Whig-Standard: Queen's is 'dedicated' to keeping community safe, doctor says
Kingstonist: Queen’s reporting highest COVID-19 case count
Dr. Walker says Queen’s University is taking the recent spike in COVID-19 cases connected to its students very seriously.

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