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    May 25, 2020

    Queen's In The News Monday, May 25, 2020

    Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
    Amarnath Amarasingam
    • Arts and Science
    • School of Religion
    Huffington Post: CSIS recognition of incel extremism opens door to more terrorism charges In Canada
    Dr. Amarasingam says it means that overall these kinds of different ideologies are something that are going to increasingly be on national security radars as opposed to just localized hate speech laws.
    Baranchuk, Adrian
    • School of Medicine
    • Health Sciences
    Globe and Mail: It’s peak season for another infectious disease waiting for Canadians in parks and campgrounds – ticks
    Dr. Baranchuk says only about half of the people bitten by a tick get the classic bulls-eye rash.
    Lisa F. Carver
    • Arts and Science
    The Conversation: How the coronavirus pet adoption boom is reducing stress
    In her op-ed Dr. Carver says aside from the stress-mitigating impacts of pets mentioned above, having a pet may be a powerful influencer in maintaining health-protective behaviours, such as eating well or going out for a walk.
    Che Colpitts
    • School of Medicine
    • Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
    CBC Online: Drug strategies to fight COVID-19 move beyond guesses
    Dr. Colpitts says a critical factor for prescribing antivirals is to give them to patients before too much damage has set in.
    Christian Leuprecht
    • Arts and Science
    • Political Studies
    • School of Policy Studies
    Globe and Mail: Canada must divide its military resources along foreign and domestic lines
    In his op-ed Dr. Leuprecht says as far as the public is concerned, the military’s away game is discretionary – a distraction used to keep busy when forces are not needed at home.
    Lyon, David
    • Arts and Science
    • Sociology
    • Surveillence Studies Centre
    The Conversation: The coronavirus pandemic highlights the need for a surveillance debate beyond ‘privacy’
    In his op-ed Dr. Lyon says privacy regulation alone can’t keep pace with today’s supersystems for data collection, analysis and use that generate the kind of negative discrimination that demands data justice.

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