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May 26, 2022

Queen's In The News Thursday, May 26, 2022

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Abray, Tim
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
iPolitics: Greens set to upset Tory dynasty in Parry Sound—Muskoka
Abray, a PhD candidate talks about the Ontario election.
Aiken, Sharry
  • Law
Yahoo! Canada: Canada needs to be as welcoming to Afghan refugees as it is to Ukrainians
The Conversation: Canada needs to be as welcoming to Afghan refugees as it is to Ukrainians
Prof. Aiken talks about how systemic racism is not about what the government intends, it is about outcomes.
Brock, Kathy
  • Arts and Science
  • School of Policy Studies
  • Political Studies
Kingston Whig-Standard: Tourism advocates seek to make sector's recovery an election issue
Dr. Brock talks about how tourism hasn’t had a high profile in this Ontario election.
Detomasi, David
  • Smith School of Business
CBC/Radio-Canada - Toronto: As the cost of gas climbs, here’s what’s fuelling the price at the pump
Dr. Detomasi talks about how the federal carbon tax adds 11 cents to the cost of each litre of gas, which has drawn criticism with the current fuel prices.
Kerr, Lisa
  • Law
Globe and Mail: Supreme Court to rule on constitutionality of life without parole in case of Quebec City mosque shooter
Prof. Kerr comments on the case of the Quebec City mosque shooter and says that it is not about what the offender deserves, it is a case about the legal limits on state punishment.
Lamp, Nicolas
  • Law
National Post, Financial Post: U.S. hits back at Canada's dairy rule changes by launching second trade dispute
Prof. Lamp talks about how the U.S. could have calculated how much they’re losing and started putting tariffs on Canadian trade.
Lyon, David
  • Arts and Science
  • Sociology
  • Law
Global News: Queen’s University researcher says digital surveillance has risen amid COVID pandemic
Dr. Lyon talks about the findings from the Big Data Surveillance study.
Mabee, Warren
  • Arts and Science
  • Geography and Planning
  • School of Policy Studies
CBC Online: Hydro, hallway health care and the other hot topics of the last election: where are they now?
Dr. Mabee says voters are too busy shelling out more for gasoline to worry about their hydro costs.
Nicaso, Antonio
  • Arts and Science
  • Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Toronto Star: ‘No statute of limitations on revenge’
Prof. Nicaso talks about the mafia’s culture of revenge following the death of Hamilton mobster Pasquale “Pat” Musitano in 2020.
Erica Pimentel
  • Smith School of Business
Yahoo! Canada: After digital asset crash, Canadian crypto companies look to the future
Dr. Pimentel talks about the crypto market, how good money has been thrown at some bad projects, and how this is an opportunity for consolidation for more established firms.

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