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    November 2, 2022

    Queen's In The News Wednesday, November 2, 2022

    Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
    Archer, Stephen
    • School of Medicine
    • Medicine
    • Division of Cardiology
    National Post: How COVID-19 damages lungs: The virus attacks mitochondria, continuing an ancient battle that began in the primordial soup
    In a republished article originally posted in The Conversation Canada, Dr. Archer talks about why and how COVID is affecting people's lungs.
    Ashworth, Laurence
    • Smith School of Business
    National Post, Financial Post: Consumers can now get charged for using credit cards in Canada. What does this mean?
    Dr. Ashworth discusses the change in credit card fees for Canadian consumers.
    Carmen Celestini
    • Arts and Science
    • School of Religion
    • Sociology
    CP24: Disinformation and Extremism in the Freedom Convoy
    Dr. Celestini explains how conspiracy theories can be used to share information to the public in a very subtle way.
    Chowdhury, Amitava
    • Arts and Science
    • History
    CBC Arts Online: 'Hinge moments' in history: how change happens
    Dr. Chowdhury talks about the 1600's, and how change occurred in modern societies.
    Megan Edgelow
    • Health Sciences
    • School of Rehabilitation Therapy
    CNN: Routines don’t have to be boring. Daily tasks can add spice to life
    In a republished article from The Conversation Canada, Dr. Edgelow talks about the benefits of forming a daily routine.
    Lisa Kerr
    • Law
    CBC Online: Courts, government bills are unravelling Harper-era crime laws
    Prof. Kerr explains the impact the recent change to the Sex Offender Registry will have on sex offenders, and law makers
    Jean-Baptiste Litrico
    • Smith School of Business
    Globe and Mail: What makes a corporate purpose program successful?
    The Director of the Centre for Social Impact, Smith School of Business talks about the main drivers of corporate purpose, along with the skills and competencies required by companies to build successful programs.
    Christian Leuprecht
    • Arts and Science
    • Political Studies
    • Smith School of Business
    • School of Policy Studies
    CBC-TV: Testimony from convoy organizers
    CFRA (Ottawa): Ottawa at work
    Dr. Leuprecht shares his thoughts on the Ontario government's plan to table legislation to pre empt an educational workers' strike. He also discusses the latest round of testimony at the Emergencies Act Inquiry.
    Alana Saulnier
    • Arts and Science
    • Sociology
    New York Times: Security Cameras make us feel safe, but are they worth the invasion?
    Dr. Saulnier explains why security cameras are useful in some contexts, and not others. She says a camera probably isn’t going to be a deterrent to someone who is not thinking rationally about the crime they are about to commit.

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