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October 28, 2020

Queen's In The News Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Christopher Abbott
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
The Conversation: The risk of ‘peak oil demand’ for Canada’s Conservatives
In his op-ed Abbott says as long as non-renewable resources remain an important engine of economic growth and employment in Canada, the federal Conservatives may very well remain competitive.
Jackson Pind
  • Education
National Post: https://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/indian-day-schools-survivors-are-seeking-truth-and-justice
In his op-ed Pind says this process of seeking the truth is unfortunately not happening for Indian day schools survivors, despite an estimated 2,000 individuals who are passing away every year.
Jacob Robbins-Kanter
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
Toronto Star: The Liberals won two federal byelections in Toronto. But that hasn’t stopped other parties from declaring victory
Robbins-Kanter says the biggest takeaway from the results is that the Liberals could be vulnerable in their Fortress Toronto.
Christou, Theodore
  • Arts and Science
  • History
  • Education
National Post: Indian day schools survivors are seeking truth and justice
In his op-ed Dr. Christou says as historians of education, we believe that Canada must continue to come to grips with the full extent of its past. Schools and curricula are a part of this past, as well as the present and the future.
Cathy Vakil
  • Health Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • Family Medicine
Toronto Star: No more government subsidies to nuclear energy
In her op-ed Dr. Vakil says small modular reactors have no place in any plan to mitigate climate change. It is time that our government recognize this and stop funding the nuclear industry, for the sake of all Canadians, and for generations to come.
Walker, David
  • School of Policy Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
Toronto Star: Once seen as a star in Justin Trudeau’s government, Patty Hajdu is now the incredible shrinking minister
Dr. Walker says a review of the federal response “midflight” would distract key people from a daily and ongoing effort to contain COVID-19’s second wave.
Young, Pamela
  • Arts and Science
  • School of Religion
CFRC Radio Queen's: The Pope has endorsed same sex civil unions
Dr. Dickey-Young talks about the landmark endorsement.

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